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The GazettE

Hey everyone~~

This post is all about The GazettE so enjoy~~ YEAH!! \m/

So, The GazettE is a j-rock band. I love them~~
Their name was actually “Gazette” but then they changed it to “The GazettE” so it sounded more like a band. Personally I think “The GazettE” is better. :)

In japanese, you pronouce “The GazettE” like “Thsa Gazetto“, which means “The Cassette”. So yeah, it’s got a vintage-kind of feeling right? :DD
They are my #1 favourite j-rock band ever!
Oh and also, next time I’ll write about D’espairsRay!


Hatsune Miku- Baby


I’ll write about Miku today. I love her!
Umm…. Yeah, my idol is a music software. *sadface*

But anywaysss…. She’s really awesome and you should try listen to her!