Manga, musik och vardag

Lookie Lookie

Good mooooorning~~~

Lol, I woke up 7 am today… Because I was making my lunch. :D
Now I’m brushing my teeth and reading some fanfics. :3


We’re going to have a “sports day” today. :) And to make sure we recognize each other on the field, we have to wear lightblue shirts… I mean, WHAT IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANY BLUE SHIRTS AT ALL?!? So I had to take my bro’s blue hoodie. Hm. :/


Lookie Lookie- Gothic Lolita


I’ll write about GOTHIC LOLITA in this post~~ Ah I really love that style. :) It’s so cute!

Gothic lolita is all about being CUTE. Not looking like a whore.
The colours are often black and white. Sometimes red and black. Personally I like black and hot-pink but there’s not that much lolita-clothes like that. :C sadface…

AHH OMG I WANT THAT DRESS SO BADLY. AAAAAAAAHHHHH!! I want to cosplay Ciel Phantomhive, but I’m too tall…. :C I WISH I WAS A SHORTIE.

That’s about it… See you next time~~