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I won’t be updating for a while… Hmm..

sorry. :/


Hey… did you know?

“aww, you huwt mai feewings”



Yes. I’m asian.

Or well, I’m at least a pureblood chinese born in Sweden… So I guess I’m Euro-Asian..? Lol XD

*cough*asians always do it better*cough*

Nyan cat



Y’know that feeling when you’re utterly bored and all you have is a computer? ….nvm. -___-”

I seriously don’t know what I should update about. Seriously… :C Should I update about…Uppcon?¬† Nah, that’s too toublesome..
Oh! There’s this certain anime I’ve got my eyes on lately… HETALIA~~~~~!! I love it! It kinda made me discover yaoi…/Hetalia isn’t an yaoi/. Hetalia is SO FUNNY. OMG I love the characters!

In Hetalia, the characters are NATIONS. YES THAT’S RIGHT. NATIONS. Madness+awesomeness= Hetalia.
So, the main character is Italy. He’s a weak guy who later becomes friends with Germany. Germany is pretty strict and serious. Yeah, he’s the serious person. Oh, and there’s Japan too. Japan is…well.. Japan? He’s quiet, and he hardly ever gets angry. And he’s shy too.

My favourite characters are England, America and China. :D England is the typical tsundere type. And I love tsunderes. 8D
America is a very happy person. And he’s Englands younger adopted brother, but America is taller than England. (hey, it makes sense!)

China is one of the oldest nations. I like him because… I dunno, he kinda resembles me? O.o And I’m asian too. Kol kol kol… 8D

Well….He dosen’t really resemble me THAT much… But… HE’S AWESOME!! :DD

Yup. That’s Sweden. Always watching you sleep….


UppCon pix~~

Haai~~ I thought that maybe you guys wanted to see some pictures from UppCon? :) And guess what, I’LL BE NICE TODAY.
So yeah, Imma show you sum pics. ;)

Mister Creeper-san desu. (^_^)/ He was frikkin EPIC. I wanted to give him a hug, but…. yeah. I was afraid he was gonna explode.. (f^_^)”

The awesome¬†Kuroshitsuji’s. :D The sign was priceless!! 8D

“Have you seen this butler?” LOLOLOLOL.

Aaaaaaand THAT’S IT for today. :) And don’t forget to comment if you want more :3


Lol, I’ll go shoppin tady. :3 yay.