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Good mooooorning~~~

Lol, I woke up 7 am today… Because I was making my lunch. :D
Now I’m brushing my teeth and reading some fanfics. :3


We’re going to have a “sports day” today. :) And to make sure we recognize each other on the field, we have to wear lightblue shirts… I mean, WHAT IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANY BLUE SHIRTS AT ALL?!? So I had to take my bro’s blue hoodie. Hm. :/




Well, I’ll go and get some sleep now. :) Sleep is very important! :3
I took a nice picture today! :D It was so beatiful, there was rain and a wonderful sunset! Ahh!

Beautiful, right?? :DD

Oh, and before I’ll fall asleep while typing, I’ll tell you about an anime I strongly recommend!
It’s called…. TORADORA

Oyasuminasai! :3

We will walk together through thick and thin

Omg omg omg. Btw, ignore the dramatic text above XD

BUT. Did ya get to know my scores? I FUCKING ACED IT!!! Well not really, but I got 108. THAT’S A FUCKING HIGHSCORE! YEAH!!
Yay! Happiin!

Oh, memories… The epicness of an onigiri~~ Haaaa~~

Huh…so, what’s up recently? Suicidal toughts? Perverted thoughts?(lol)..

Um. Happy thoughts…? No? Anyone? (/;_;)?

Oh gosh, I’m so sorry that my update sucks. Heh.. It’s cuz it takes like 30 minutes to figure out what to write… Haaaaa….
Oh!! And tomorrow will be fun! ..Verrrry fun…. >:3



I’ve got a chinese test tomorrow. Ha. Andddddd….
Well my chinese is pretty much doomed. ;_;

Last time I got, um.. 81 points of 100. That’s pretty good right…..?! D:
The test was really hard actually. um…
…..either it was too hard or my skills just failed. Höh…

Well that’s it for today. Probably. I’ll be studying, tidying my room and planting some…plants. *refresh-ness* ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Oh…. still have some work to do…

Now I have to go and clean up some birdshit. Great. Seriously.

1 h of studying…


Ebbiz was here :3

The GazettE

Hey everyone~~

This post is all about The GazettE so enjoy~~ YEAH!! \m/

So, The GazettE is a j-rock band. I love them~~
Their name was actually “Gazette” but then they changed it to “The GazettE” so it sounded more like a band. Personally I think “The GazettE” is better. :)

In japanese, you pronouce “The GazettE” like “Thsa Gazetto“, which means “The Cassette”. So yeah, it’s got a vintage-kind of feeling right? :DD
They are my #1 favourite j-rock band ever!
Oh and also, next time I’ll write about D’espairsRay!