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Whaddya think? :)

Hey! I made a new header! :D
Well, all the other ones where shit-ass ugly. O_______O geh..

Um. So. It’s a temporary header. Kinda…. Hehe, maybe I’ll just let it stay like that…


Half dead :)


Um.. Well, I’m still alive. ;)

So, you could say that I was “absent” during this week. I’ve been in Finland and yeah, I FOUND A NEW MANGA. IT’S AWESOME!! :DD
(I’ll write about it later~~) ;)

When I was in Finland, I didn’t bought as much as thought I would. Well, it was fun. :)
When we were on the ferry, we… swimmed? And… Well, I was in zombie-mode and slept most of the time. Lol, I paid just for that.
At least we bought some make-up and candy. YEAH! :D
~~Now to the manga I was talking about. :)~~
Muhahahaha… google it up. :3 nah, I’ll write about it later~~

Omg I’m in a Ferry~~

Omg hii!

I’m in my cabin right now. It’s really cozy here :) yay~~!

We’re eating lots of yummy snacks~~


Little miss sunshine~~

I went to the shop today to buy pocky, BUT THERE WAS NO POCKEY!! D:

BUT instead, we bought lots of snacks~~ :D And I mean A LOT.
Happiin~~ *jumpeyjumpey* XD
AND YES. I intentionally spelled Happiin and jumpeyjumpey like that. So no trolling, kay?

Later on, I’ll be going to a restaurant faller SoftBar. We’ll eat… Um.. Something galler Plankstek. I think it’s a Swedish dish… Haha, I live in Sweden, and I don’t even know that. XD I fall pretty much at being a Swedish. Wait. Do you say “Swedish” egen you talk about what country you are from?
Like, “he’s american”, and “she’s chinsese”. So can you also say “I’m Swedish”???

God I’m an idiot. OF COURSE you can say that. XD


Heh, it’s easter! :D
Imma go n buy pocky now, so yeh… Nye~~!

UM. Yeah…

So. Um. I haven’t updated too much, haven’t I? :S
Well, to everyone who want’s to know how I’m doing:
Hee hee… Just kidding. :P
But seriously, I’m fine. And I appreciate your concern very much. :)

Homework is chill. Chinese homerwork’s not so chill. Well, wtf did you excpect? IT’S FREAKING CHINESE.