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Yoru no tsuki

Well, g’night everyone. I will now drift away in sleep…~~~

/Mika Mika~~ •w^


Tests, Television and a tired Mickiz

I’ve got a test tomorrow, so I’ll be studying for the most of the time. :)
I’m not really that found of the physic class. It’s just math most of the time… O__O It’s only a bit enteresting though…
I hate math. I really do.


I was walking in the hallway at school, as usual. Nothing was wrong, I was with my friends and I was laughing. Then the principal ordered the whole school to gather around the school-stage where the principal used to have speeches.

Everything changed.

Suddenly, they gave us helmets (wtf) and my two of my friends where gone. They suddenly disappeared. Only one of my friends where left.

Then, for some strange reason, the whole crowd started to scream and run. I lost my only friend left and I started to run.

When I came to the hallway, there where small crowds that where kneeing down and eating something. When I ran past them, I saw that they where eating HUMANS. In fact, I even recognized one of the zombie-students. I got even more scared and started to run faster.

Suddenly, I saw my friend and started to shout out her name. She never heard me though, and she kept running towards around the corner.
Around the corner, a student I recognized turned up. She was walking strange and she was bleeding from her wide-opened mouth. Her skin was pale-grey and had her arms mid-way up in the air. Like a zombie.

Suddenly she attacked my friend and then I knew that it was all too late. My friend would turn into a zombie and I was next. I didn’t want to kill her. I really didn’t, so I turned and saw a door in the wall. I hurried up and went in. I saw a ordinary office-desk and some documents.

I couldn’t believe that this was the hallway I was walking in this morning. That I was laughing with my friends like normal. That I never knew it was going to turn out like this.

And then I started crying.


Well, this was the dream that made no bloody fucking sense. I think this will be a good essay if I’ll have to write a story in English class, so please don’t steal it. This dream is copyrighted.

YUI-How crazy

Hello everybody~~

Here’s the song I was writing about earlier. :)

As I said, she’s great. I think she’s the voiceactress for someone in Fullmetal Alchemist? Never watched the anime though.
She’s made a album called “I Loved Yesterday”. Maybe I’ll listen to it later… If I remember. XD

I really love those bands who write about life. And the fact that they write it and make such wonderful melodys to it just gives me so much inspiration~~
I love it especially when they write about the difficult part about life. The lyrics are so true.

Daisuki dayo~ <3

Buenas (buenos?) noches~~

Lol, I just made up a random phrase there. :) But well, we all can’t have a great imagination. Or else the world would turn into- I dunno, A FRIKKIN GLOBE WITH BLACK WINGS MAYBE?

…I know, my imagination rocks. I’m still a kid (I think?), that’s the reason why I say such random things… O___O
Today’s been a great day. Haven’t even touched my computer till now. :D Umm… well, at least not MY computer… :3

But hey, tomorrow’s gonna be great too, so cheer up~~! I feel like making a lot of spins and sit-ups, but I’m too tired..
…that made absolutely no bloody sense. (Yeah, I almost dropped a F-bomb.)


Oh yeah, before I fall asleep, do you guys want more updates? :S cuz I feel like I haven’t updated for a century… O_O”

I shove my cold guitar into its case

Hai Haai!

I went to chinese-school today! We had a test, and it was pretty easy actually. :) I hope it went good.
Umm… Oh that’s right! I got to meet my senpai’s! :D
One of them’s got a blog. She wants to be called Frozz and we will.
Her blogadress is
Visit it or I’ll haunt you forever. :)

Oh btw, the text in the pic is actually lyrics from a song called “How Crazy” by YUI. She’s really great, and you really should listen to it. Maybe I’ll write about it later… :)

You may not use this picture in any occasion without my permission. If I see it, you will have to pay for breaking the laws.
…In other words, this picture is entirely mine, mine, mine. If you use it without my permission, I’ll haunt you forever. ;)

Spanish and a Computer

Hai everybody~~

I’m really bored right now.. Don’t have anything to do. O____O”
Well, at least I’ve got a computer… :)

My class is starting soon. I’ll have Spanish next. And I’m hungry…
Haha, EVERYBODY loves to hear me complain. :D

Um.. So, what do you guys want me to write about?? I’m thinking about to write about some interior. I’m really into it nowadays! :DD

Well, that’s it for now. See ya…